We have the most complete range of Emergency Lighting

The product you need for your project



All control of emergency lighting in your hands.

Intelligent management of up to 1,040 emergency luminaires per central control unit.

Comfortable and intuitive control through smartphones, tablets and computers

No additional labor installation costs (no additional cables) saves a lot of money for medium and large installations and can help in complicated renovation projects and can combine cable and wireless technologies in the same solution

Emergency Lighting with the most demanding Certifications in Europe

Zemper Certifications

We design quality products, with high yields and effectiveness, accepted by any legislation.

Innovation + efficiency + technology

Latest technology in more efficient, versatile and smart luminaires.


The use of optics has allowed us to develop more efficient emergency lights, which reduce the number of emergency lights in a project. more efficient, versatile and smart.

LiFePo4 batteries

So energetically efficient that they allow to obtain a significant reduction in consumption without reducing its quality features and lighting level.


Emergency luminaires that meet minimum consumption criteria, using materials and components without contaminants, respecting the environment.

Smart Evacuation System

ALIOTH is a smart evacuation system that optimizes evacuation times in an emergency  event, adapting to its evolution thanks to obtaining real-time information from the building. ALIOTH’s main objective is to reduce reaction and/or response times and evacuation time in the event of an emergency.

ALIOTH assesses the risk and decides when there is a real problem to notify the security team or act on its own.

We cover all options and needs
in terms of emergency lighting required by the market

Luminaires for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, both gas and dust,
thanks to its explosion-proof envelope protection.

  • Emergency lighting full range
  • Exit signs
  • Explosion-proof
  • Suitable low temperatures and cold rooms
  • Hospital range
  • Path lighting