• 4.3” touchscreen display control unit
  • Ethernet interface and integrated web server
  • Possibility to connect 128 DALI units
  • Possibility to extend using ZWEBDALI slave units connected on the same net.
  • Monitoring the installation via web browser:
    • Device list
    • Unit information
    • Fault list
  • Test record (duration, lamp) and test configuration
  • Installation configuration
    • Parameter modification
    • Groups configurator
  • General configuration (network, mail configuration, add/delete emergency luminaires, etc)
  • Password protected for administrators
  • View reports
  • Export and saving reports


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Key Features

  • ZWEBDALI is a supervision control unit working as a webserver connected to any LAN-NETWORK by TCP-IP protocol
  • Most simple way to create an initial installation or upgrade it as well considering that ZWEBDALI unit will automatically detect the units connected in the installation.
  • All luminaires information such as installation date, serial number, test information, battery status, emergency information (status, mode, features, gear status) and much more
  • Disable supervision option, bus address configuration, group configuration and test day modification is also possible
  • Faults selection to mail and single orders (status, identification, duration test, functional test.)
  • All Devices information, test records and faults list with plenty of information.
  • Up to 1000 faults can be recorded and possibility to export data
  • Extended to 127 slave units – up to 16K
Technical information
Description Features Ref.

DALI Central Control Unit

Extended to 127 slave units – up to 16K ZWEBDALI

Here you can download the technical sheet corresponding to the reference:

Ref.Tech Sheet
CWS8125WTech Sheet