• 4.3” touchscreen display control unit
  • Ethernet connection with web server integration
  • Connect up to 128 DALI devices
  • Option to connect slave devices via ZWEBDALI
  • Website monitoring to display:
    • Overview of devices for the installation
    • Device grouping
    • Full data for each device
    • Full fault analysis for each device
  • Full emergency test schedules
  • Overview of network configuration
  • User access and administration set up
  • Full report analysis easily downloaded to any PC


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Key Features

  • ZWEBDALI is a supervision control unit working as a webserver connected to any LAN-NETWORK by TCP-IP protocol
  • Rapid installation with auto detect for connected devices
  • Full diagonistics for all connected devices
  • Full access control with configurable users settings
  • Email notifications for any fault occurances
  • All faults are stored and easily downloaded to any PC
  • Flexibility to extend the network with up to 16,000 devices via a slave configuration
Technical information
Description Features Ref.

DALI Central Control Unit

Extended to 127 slave units – up to 16K ZWEBDALI

Here you can download the technical sheet corresponding to the reference:

Ref.Tech Sheet
CWS8125WTech Sheet