• Envelope: Marine Grade Aluminium (LM6)
  • Diffuser: Borosilicate glass / Polycarbonate
  • IP66
  • IK protection degree
    · PC E1, E2, E3: IK10
    · Glass E1, E2: IK07 / E3: IK09

  • Lighting Luminous range: 1 250 lm – 11 750 lm
    Emergency Luminous range: 70 lm – 850 lm

  • Duration: 1 – 3 h · Battery: LiFePO4
  • Charging time: 20 h
  • Supply: 220 – 240V 50/60 Hz
  • LED temperature: 4000 ºK (6500 ºK under request)
  • Glass diffuser:
    · Lighting working temperature -20 ºC to +55 ºC
    · Emergency working temperature: 0 ºC to +50 ºC
  • Polycarbonate diffuser:
    · Lighting working temperature: -20 ºC to +50 ºC
    · Emergency working temperature: 0 ºC to +50 ºC
  • AutoTest
  • DALI-2
  • Warranty 5 year (AutoTest & DALI-2 Lithium)


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Technical information
Polycarbonate Enclosure
E1LSIPC11001250 lm
E1LSIPC12002150 lm
E2LSIPC22002500 lm
E2LSIPC220052500 lm
E2LSIPC24004750 lm
E3LSIPC311011000 lm
E3LSIPC34004750 lm
E3LSIPC340054750 lm
Glass Enclosure
E1LSIVC11001300 lm
E1LSIVC12002500 lm
E2LSIVC22002650 lm
E2LSIVC220052650 lm
E2LSIVC24005000 lm
E2LSIVC311011750 lm
E3LSIVC34005000 lm
E3LSIVC340055000 lm
Polycarbonate Enclosure
E2LSIPC2200A2500 lm
E3LSIPC3110A11000 lm
E3LSIPC3400A4750 lm
Glass Enclosure
E2LSIVC2200A2650 lm
E2LSIVC3110A11750 lm
E3LSIVC3400A5000 lm
DALI Casambi
(under request)
Polycarbonate Enclosure
E1NMLSPC3045LX45 lm-3.2V 0.5A/h LFP1
E1NMLSPC3400LX430 lm-3.2V 1.8A/h LFP1
E1M/NMLSPC1700LXP750 lm2150 lm3.2V 3A/h LFP1
E2M/NMLSPC2400LXP750 lm2500 lm3.2V 3A/h LFP1
E2NMLSPC2700LX750 lm-3.2V 3A/h LFP1
E2M/NMLSPC2700LXP750 lm4750 lm3.2V 3A/h LFP1
E3M/NMLSPC3700LXP750 lm4750 lm3.2V 3A/h LFP1
E1NMLSPC1400LX3350 lm-3.2V 6A/h LFP3
E1NMLSPC1700LX3750 lm-3.2V 9A/h LFP3
E2M/NMLSPC2400LXP3750 lm2500 lm3.2V 9A/h LFP3
E2M/NMLSPC2700LXP3750 lm4750 lm3.2V 9A/h LFP3
E2NMLSPC2700LX3750 lm-3.2V 9A/h LFP3
E3M/NMLSPC3700LXP3750 lm4750 lm3.2V 9A/h LFP3
Glass Enclosure
E1NMLSVC3045LX45 lm-3.2V 0.5A/h LFP1
E1NMLSVC3400LX430 lm-3.2V 1.8A/h LFP1
E1M/NMLSVC1700LXP800 lm2500 lm3.2V 3A/h LFP1
E2M/NMLSVC2400LXP800 lm2650 lm3.2V 3A/h LFP1
E2NMLSVC2700LX800 lm-3.2V 3A/h LFP1
E2M/NMLSVC2700LXP800 lm5000 lm3.2V 3A/h LFP1
E3M/NMLSVC3700LXP800 lm5000 lm3.2V 3A/h LFP1
E1NMLSVC1400LX3400 lm-3.2V 6A/h LFP3
E1NMLSVC1700LX3800 lm-3.2V 9A/h LFP3
E2M/NMLSVC2400LXP3800 lm2650 lm3.2V 9A/h LFP3
E2M/NMLSVC2700LXP3800 lm5000 lm3.2V 9A/h LFP3
E2NMLSVC2700LX3800 lm-3.2V 9A/h LFP3
E3M/NMLSVC3700LXP3800 lm5000 lm3.2V 9A/h LFP3
Polycarbonate Enclosure
E2M/NMLSPC2400LAP750 lm2500 lm3.2V 3A/h LFP1
E2M/NMLSPC2700LAP750 lm4750 lm3.2V 3A/h LFP1
E3M/NMLSPC3700LAP750 lm4750 lm3.2V 3A/h LFP1
E2M/NMLSPC2400LAP3750 lm2500 lm3.2V 9A/h LFP3
E2M/NMLSPC2700LAP3750 lm4750 lm3.2V 9A/h LFP3
E3M/NMLSPC3700LAP3750 lm4750 lm3.2V 9A/h LFP3
Glass Enclosure
E2M/NMLSVC2400LAP800 lm2650 lm3.2V 3A/h LFP1
E2M/NMLSVC2700LAP800 lm5000 lm3.2V 3A/h LFP1
E3M/NMLSVC3700LAP800 lm5000 lm3.2V 3A/h LFP1
E2M/NMLSVC2400LAP3800 lm2650 lm3.2V 9A/h LFP3
E2M/NMLSVC2700LAP3800 lm5000 lm3.2V 9A/h LFP3
E3M/NMLSVC3700LAP3800 lm5000 lm3.2V 9A/h LFP3

*NM: Non Maintained. The luminaire operates from emergency supply only upon failure of the normal mains supply.
*M/NM: Maintained/Non Maintained. With a third terminal which allows to switch off/on the Maintained mode when connected to mains supply.

Here you can download the technical sheets and photometric curves corresponding to each reference:

AutoTest Lighting
Polycarbonate Enclosure
Ref.Tech SheetPhotometry
LSIPC1100Tech SheetLDT
LSIPC1200Tech SheetLDT
LSIPC2200Tech SheetLDT
LSIPC22005Tech SheetLDT
LSIPC2400Tech SheetLDT
LSIPC3110Tech SheetLDT
LSIPC3400Tech SheetLDT
LSIPC34005Tech SheetLDT
Glass Enclosure
Ref.Tech SheetPhotometry
LSIVC1100Tech SheetLDT
LSIVC1200Tech SheetLDT
LSIVC2200Tech SheetLDT
LSIVC22005Tech SheetLDT
LSIVC2400Tech SheetLDT
LSIVC3110Tech SheetLDT
LSIVC3400Tech SheetLDT
LSIVC34005Tech SheetLDT
DALI Lighting
Polycarbonate Enclosure
Ref.Tech SheetPhotometry
LSIPC2200ATech SheetLDT
LSIPC3110ATech SheetLDT
LSIPC3400ATech SheetLDT
Glass Enclosure
Ref.Tech SheetPhotometry
LSIVC2200ATech SheetLDT
LSIVC3110ATech SheetLDT
LSIVC3400ATech SheetLDT
AutoTest Emergency
Polycarbonate Enclosure
Ref.Tech SheetPhotometry
LSPC3045LXTech SheetLDT
LSPC3400LXTech SheetLDT
LSPC1700LXPTech SheetLDT
LSPC2400LXPTech SheetLDT
LSPC2700LXTech SheetLDT
LSPC2700LXPTech SheetLDT
LSPC3700LXPTech SheetLDT
LSPC1400LX3Tech SheetLDT
LSPC1700LX3Tech SheetLDT
LSPC2400LXP3Tech SheetLDT
LSPC2700LXP3Tech SheetLDT
LSPC2700LX3Tech SheetLDT
LSPC3700LXP3Tech SheetLDT
Glass Enclosure
Ref.Tech SheetPhotometry
LSVC3045LXTech SheetLDT
LSVC3400LXTech SheetLDT
LSVC1700LXPTech SheetLDT
LSVC2400LXPTech SheetLDT
LSVC2700LXTech SheetLDT
LSVC2700LXPTech SheetLDT
LSVC3700LXPTech SheetLDT
LSVC1400LX3Tech SheetLDT
LSVC1700LX3Tech SheetLDT
LSVC2400LXP3Tech SheetLDT
LSVC2700LXP3Tech SheetLDT
LSVC2700LX3Tech SheetLDT
LSVC3700LXP3Tech SheetLDT
DALI Emergency
Polycarbonate Enclosure
Ref.Tech SheetPhotometry
LSPC2400LAPTech SheetLDT
LSPC2700LAPTech SheetLDT
LSPC3700LAPTech SheetLDT
LSPC2400LAP3Tech SheetLDT
LSPC2700LAP3Tech SheetLDT
LSPC3700LAP3Tech SheetLDT
Glass Enclosure
Ref.Tech SheetPhotometry
LSVC2400LAPTech SheetLDT
LSVC2700LAPTech SheetLDT
LSVC3700LAPTech SheetLDT
LSVC2400LAP3Tech SheetLDT
LSVC2700LAP3Tech SheetLDT
LSVC3700LAP3Tech SheetLDT


  • EN-60598-2-22
  • AutoTest: EN-62034
  • DALI-2: EN 62386