Central Gestión PC ZD+/ZDW 8 Zonas (130x8)

Webserver Central Control Unit 3 zones

Intelligent management up to 350 emergency luminaires per Central Control Unit


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Technical Features

  • Multitouch tablet screen
  • Ethernet, Wifi or Bluetooth connectivity
  • 3 Zones connection availability (wired and wireless). Up to 350 luminaires
  • Client-Server architecture (Webserver)
  • StandAlone Work Operation Mode
  • Internal Hub included. RF868 Mhz, Narrow Band 6 channels at 256 Kbps
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) included
  • Building Installation Drawings installed
  • Several test programming set up.
  • Several operation modes (luminaires, zones, installation)
  • Responsive design. Visualization multi-interface (tablets, mobiles, laptops,PC)
  • Remote control without extra module ( eth. connection)
  • Automatic updates (drawings, database, firmware, etc) through ethernet connection or USB.
  • Export test results, events and logs reports (Excel)
  • Three security policy levels
  • Failure list report sent by e-mail
  • Several Languages availables.
  • Advanced configuration options (Maintenance date, Digital Input and Output configuration, Hub configuration, etc.)


  • 4 Digital Outputs: Control other systems in case of,
  • 4 Digital Inputs: Get information from other systems (fire detection system, smoke detectors, etc..)
  • Possibility to include communication with BMS if requested:
  • Bacnet Eth (to be developed under request)
  • KNX through a Gateway (to be developed under request)

StandAlone Work Operation Mode

  • Drawings are included in the control unit and can be visualized at any time (consults and operations)
Technical information
Description Battery (Units/Ah) Ref.

Webserver Central Control Unit 3 Zones (130×3)

6,4V 1,5A/h LFP CWS4125W
Ref.Tech Sheet
CWS4125WTech Sheet