Twice the battery life of current battery technologies


Twice the maintenance free period


The first truly sustainable emergency lighting


One of the most energy efficient emergency lighting product

  • Throughout life of the battery, it does not require maintenance.
  • They maintain all their capacity until discharge.
  • Traditional batteries usually fluctuate as your energy runs out.
  • It maintains at 100% its full capacity until they are depleted.
  • They are quite safe, since they do not explode or ignite with overloads.
  • The LiFePO4 battery is not watery.
  • Its specific capacity is 145Ah / kg.
  • Its energy density is 130Wh / kg.
  • The voltage of the LiFePo4, is of 3.2-3.3v. During the download.
  • The discharge ratio can reach 30C.
  • They allow recharges in 15 minutes to 90% of their capacity.
  • Load-discharge cycles that can reach 3000 cycles.
  • Does not contain toxic metals.
  • They work best at elevated temperature up to 60C, offering a 10% higher yield, due to the higher ionic conductivity of lithium.

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