180º adaptable

Its specific design makes it an exign sign adaptable to any position on the surface where it is installed: ceiling, wall or sloping ceiling.

The banner is made of a very innovative self-diffusing material that provides a perfect and uniform diffusion of light.

Exitalya Red

Surface Wall Mounted


  • Polycarbonate body
  • Sign + Optics: Exit Sign + Circular Lens
  • IP42
  • IK04
  • 120 lm
  • Duration: 1 – 3 h · Battery: LFP Charging time: 12 h
  • Supply: 230 V – 50 Hz
  • LED temperature: 4000 ºK
  • Working temperature: 0 ºC to +40 ºC AutoTest
  • Wireless addressable monitoring
  • Warranty 5 year (AutoTest & WSS Lithium)


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AENOR certificationENEC certificationCB Scheme certification

Available with:LiFePO4 Technology

Technical information
Vision Dist.EmergencyMainsType*Dur.BatteryRef.
25120 lm70 lmM/NM1 h3.2x3.2V 1.5A/h LFPLYE3125LXP
25120 lm70 lmM/NM3 h3.2x3.2V 3A/h LFPLYE3125LXP3
Vision Dist.EmergencyMainsType*Dur.BatteryRef.
25120 lm70 lmM/NM1 h3.2V 1.5A/h LFPLYE3125LDPW
25120 lm70 lmM/NM3 h3.2V 3A/h LFPLYE3125LDP3W
Vision Dist.EmergencyMainsType*Dur.BatteryRef.
25120 lm70 lmM1 h3.2V 1.5A/h LFPLYE3125LAP
25120 lm70 lmM3 h3.2V 3A/h LFPLYE3125LAP3

*M/NM: Maintained/Non Maintained. With a switch which allows to select Maintained or Non Maintained mode function.
*M: Maintained.
For black version, include “N” at the end of the reference. Luminous flux decreases by 18% in black colour version.

It is supplied with a complete set of pictograms.


More information about our systems:  AutoTest y Wireless

Here you can download the technical sheets and photometric curves corresponding to each reference:

Ref.Tech Sheet
LYE3125LXPTech Sheet
LYE3125LXP3Tech Sheet
Ref.Tech Sheet
LYE3125LDPWTech Sheet
LYE3125LDP3WTech Sheet
Ref.Tech Sheet
LYE3125LAPTech Sheet
LYE3125LAP3Tech Sheet
Pictogram Installation Video

Exitalya Red

  • EN-60598-2-22
  • Pictographs: EN ISO7010
  • AutoTest: EN-62034
  • Wireless: ETSI EN 300 220
  • DALI: EN 62386