Exitalya Surface LED

  • IP42
  • IK04
  • LED 4000ºK
  • Duration 1-3 h
  • Batteries: LiFePO4.
  • Applications: Indoor Anti-panic lighting and single/double sided exit sign
  • Work type: Maintained
  • System available: Standard, Self-Test and Addressable Wireless
  • Maximum viewing distance: 26m.
  • Mounting options: wall, ceiling and wall flag


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Available with:LiFePO4 Technology

Technical information

Exitalya Surface LED

Lm.Vision Dist.Type*Dur. (h)Battery Units / A/hSelf-Test Ref.Ref. Wireless
12030M/NM13.2V x 1.5 LFPLYE3120LXPNLYE3120LDPWN
12030M/NM33.2V x 3 LFPLYE3120LXP3NLYE3120LDP3WN

*M/NM: Maintained/Non Maintained. With a switch which allows to select Maintained or Non Maintained mode function.

White version under request.

It is supplied with a complete set of pictograms.


More information about our systems:  AutoTest y Wireless