• IP42
  • IK04
  • LED 4000ºK
  • Duration 1-3 h
  • Lumen output range: 200-400 lm.
  • Batteries: LiFePO4.
  • Applications: Outdoor Weatherproof. Cold storage room (-40ºC +50ºC)
  • Working type: Maintained, Non Maintained
  • System available: Standard, Self-Test, Addressable Wireless


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Technical information
Lm.Type*Dur. (h)Battery Units / A/hSelf-Test Ref.Ref. Wireless
300M/NM13,2V x 1.5 LFPLYA3300LXPNLYA3300LDPWN
200M/NM33,2V x 1.5 LFPLYA3200LXP3NLYA3200LDP3WN
300M/NM33,2V x 3 LFPLYA3300LXP3NLYA3300LDP3WN
300NM13,2V x 1.5 LFPLYA3300LXNLYA3300LDWN
400NM13,2V x 3 LFPLYA3400LXNLYA3400LDWN
200NM33,2V x 1.5 LFPLYA3200LX3NLYA3200LD3WN
300NM33,2V x 3 LFPLYA3300LX3NLYA3300LD3WN

*M/NM: Same working as Maintained luminaire, with a third terminal which allows to switch off the luminaire when connected to mains supply.
*NM: Non Maintained. The luminaire operates from emergency supply only upon failure of the normal mains supply.

White version under request.
Recessed frame should be ordered as accessory with reference AMY0011N (black) or AMY0011 (white)


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