• Polycarbonate body
  • Escape route lens – D
    Anti-panic lens – R
  • IP40
  • IK04
  • 165 lm – 250 lm
  • Duration: 1 – 3 h · Battery: LFP
  • Charging time: 12 h
  • Supply: 230 V – 50 Hz
  • LED temperature: 4000 ºK
  • Working temperature: 0 ºC to +40 ºC
  • AutoTest
  • Wireless addressable monitoring
  • Warrant 5 Year AutoTest & WSS Lithium

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Available with:LiFePO4 Technology

Technical information
250 lm-NMR1 h3.2V 1.5A/h LFPLMR9250LX
250 lm-NMD1 h3.2V 1.5A/h LFPLMR9251LX
250 lm150 lmM/NMR1 h3.2V 1.5A/h LFPLMR9250LDPW
250 lm150 lmM/NMD1 h3.2V 1.5A/h LFPLMR9251LDPW
165 lm100 lmM/NMR3 h3.2V 1.8A/h LFPLMR9170LDP3W
165 lm100 lmM/NMD3 h3.2V 1.8A/h LFPLMR9171LDP3W
250 lm150 lmM/NMR3 h3.2V 1.5A/h LFPLMR9250LAP
250 lm150 lmM/NMD3 h3.2V 1.5A/h LFPLMR9251LAP
165 lm100 lmM/NMR3 h3.2V 1.8A/h LFPLMR9170LAP3
165 lm100 lmM/NMD3 h3.2V 1.8A/h LFPLMR9171LAP3

*NM: Non Maintained. The luminaire operates from emergency supply only upon failure of the normal mains supply.
*M/NM: Maintained/Non Maintained. With a third terminal which allows to switch off/on the Maintained mode when connected to mains supply.
**R: Round Lens (Anti-panic) / D: Directional Lens (Escape route)
For version in black colour, add an ‘N’ at the end of the reference.


More information about our systems:  AutoTest y Wireless

Here you can download the technical sheets and photometric curves corresponding to each reference:

Ref.Tech SheetPhotometry
LMR9250LXTech SheetLDT
LMR9251LXTech SheetLDT
Ref.Tech SheetPhotometry
LMR9250LDPWTech SheetLDT
LMR9251LDPWTech SheetLDT
LMR9170LDP3WTech SheetLDT
LMR9171LDP3WTech SheetLDT
Ref.Tech SheetPhotometry
LMR9250LAPTech SheetLDT
LMR9251LAPTech SheetLDT
LMR9170LAP3Tech SheetLDT
LMR9171LAP3Tech SheetLDT

Spazio Mini

  • EN-60598-2-22
  • AutoTest: EN-62034
  • Wireless: ETSI EN 300 220
  • DALI: EN 62386