• Polycarbonate body
  • Diffuser: Transparent Polycarbonate
  • IP44
  • IK07
  • 95 lm – 800 lm
  • Duration: 1 – 3 h · Battery: Ni-CD / LFP
  • Charging time: 24 h (Ni-Cd) / 12 h (LFP)
  • Supply: 230 V – 50 Hz
  • LED temperature: 4000 ºK
  • Working temperature: 0 ºC to +40 ºC
  • Standard
  • AutoTest
  • Wireless addressable monitoring
  • DALI
  • Warranty 5 year (AutoTest & WSS Lithium)


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Available with:LiFePO4 Technology

Technical information
95 lmNM1 h3.6V 0.3A/h Ni-CdLDF3100C
225 lmNM1 h3.6V 0.8A/h Ni-CdLDF3200C
450 lmNM1 h3.6V 1.6A/h Ni-CdLDF3500C
600 lmNM1 h4.8V 1.6A/h Ni-CdLDF3600C
800 lmNM1 h6.0V 1.6A/h Ni-CdLDF3800C
150 lmNM3 h3.6V 1.6A/h Ni-CdLDF9150C3
95 lm-NM1 h3.6V 0.3A/h Ni-CdLDF9100X
225 lm-NM1 h3.6V 0.8A/h Ni-CdLDF9200X
420 lm-NM1 h3.2V 1.5A/h LFPLDF9400LX
420 lm250 lmM/NM1 h3.2V 1.5A/h LFPLDF9400LXP
450 lm-NM1 h3.6V 1.6A/h Ni-CdLDF9500X
600 lm-NM1 h4.8V 1.6A/h Ni-CdLDF9600X
800 lm-NM1 h6.0V 1.6A/h Ni-CdLDF9800X
800 lm-NM1 h6.4V 1.5A/h LFPLDF9800LX
800 lm400 lmM/NM1 h6.4V 1.5A/h LFPLDF9800LXP
150 lm-NM3 h3.6V 1.6A/h Ni-CdLDF9150X3
150 lm-NM3 h3.2V 1.5A/h LFPLDF9150LX3
150 lm90 lmM/NM3 h3.2V 1.5A/h LFPLDF9150LXP3
420 lm250 lmM/NM1 h3.2V 1.5A/h LFPLDF9400LDPW
800 lm400 lmM/NM1 h6.4V 1.5A/h LFPLDF9800LDPW
150 lm90 lmM/NM3 h3.2V 1.5A/h LFPLDF9150LDP3W
100 lm60 lmM/NM8 h3.2V 3.0A/h LFPLDF9100LDP8W
420 lm250 lmM/NM1 h3.2V 1.5A/h LFPLDF9400LAP
800 lm400 lmM/NM1 h6.4V 1.5A/h LFPLDF9800LAP
150 lm90 lmM/NM3 h3.2V 1.5A/h LFPLDF9150LAP3

*NM: Non Maintained. The luminaire operates from emergency supply only upon failure of the normal mains supply.
*M/NM: Maintained/Non Maintained. With a switch which allows to select Maintained or Non Maintained mode funtion.

For version in black colour, add an ‘N’ at the end of the reference.


More information about our systems:  AutoTest y Wireless

Here you can download the technical sheets and photometric curves corresponding to each reference:

Ref.Tech SheetPhotometry
LDF3100CTech SheetLDT
LDF3200CTech SheetLDT
LDF3500CTech SheetLDT
LDF3600CTech SheetLDT
LDF3800CTech SheetLDT
LDF9150C3Tech SheetLDT
Ref.Tech SheetPhotometry
LDF9100XTech SheetLDT
LDF9200XTech SheetLDT
LDF9400LXTech SheetLDT
LDF9400LXPTech SheetLDT
LDF9500XTech SheetLDT
LDF9600XTech SheetLDT
LDF9800XTech SheetLDT
LDF9800LXTech SheetLDT
LDF9800LXPTech SheetLDT
LDF9150X3Tech SheetLDT
LDF9150LX3Tech SheetLDT
LDF9150LXP3Tech SheetLDT
Ref.Tech SheetPhotometry
LDF9400LDPWTech SheetLDT
LDF9800LDPWTech SheetLDT
LDF9150LDP3WTech SheetLDT
LDF9100LDP8WTech SheetLDT
Ref.Tech SheetPhotometry
LDF9400LAPTech SheetLDT
LDF9800LAPTech SheetLDT
LDF9150LAP3Tech SheetLDT

Download installation manual, electrical connection / test and instructions for use:

Standard SystemSelf-Test System

Diana Flat

  • EN-60598-2-22
  • AutoTest: EN-62034
  • Wireless: ETSI EN 300 220
  • DALI: EN 62386