BS EN 1838 :2013 Clause 5 :

  • Required to ensure ESCAPE ROUTES are apparent from any location
  • Should be MAINTAINED mode where occupants may be unfamiliar with building
  • Should be conspicuous
  • The designer consider smoke accumulation when locating signs


BS5499-4 :2013 Clause 4.5 states safety signs should be located :

  • At all normal exits
  • At all emergency exits
  • Along escape routes
  • Anywhere else if the route to the nearest exit is not clear


All safety signs must have the below to comply to the relevant BS standards :

  • BS5499 states the sign must have a green background (safety colour) and white pictogram (contrast colour)
  • BS5266 states the sign must have a minimum illuminance of 2 cd/m3 on the safety colour
  • BS5266 states the sign must have a contrast between the safety colour and the safety colour of >5:1 but <15:1
  • BS5266 states the sign must have a ratio of the max-min luminance within contrast or safety colours of <10:1
  • Signs shall be illuminated to at least 50% of the required luminance within 5 seconds and full required luminance within 60 seconds


Maximum Viewing Distances

Use of Arrows

BS5499-4 :2013 Clause 4.8 states the use of signs as shown in the below table: