The spacing tables show the distance from the wall or door to the first luminaire and then the distance that must not be exceeded for spacing between subsequent luminaires.

This is shown for the luminaires being mounted either parallel to the route (Axial) or at right angles to the route (Transverse) for different mounting heights.

In addition to values for escape routes, figures are also given for the coverage of open areas by regular arrays of luminaires.

Transverse Mounting Positions

Axial Mounting Positions

Escape Routes

When designing the lighting for an emergency escape route it is advised that achieving even distribution of illuminance throughout the escape route with 1 lux as a minimum level on the centre of line.

When placing luminaires near stairs or any other change of level, the luminaires must be located so each tread receives direct light. Generally at least two luminaries will be needed to provide the 1 lux minimum level on the centre of each tread.

Using the diagram above the spacing from luminaire 1 to luminaire 2 is reduced as their mounting height is being reduced as the point’s illuminated rise up the stairs.

Open Areas

Above diagram shows the area that needs to be covered for open area lighting. The main area is illuminated to a level of 0.5 lux. This excludes the area 0.5m away from the walls indicated by the dotted line.